6 Practical Tips To Prevent Water Damage

water damage cleanup fairfield county, water damage fairfield county, water damage repair fairfield county,They say that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In the case of household water damage, an ounce of prevention is worth about 50 pounds of cure. (Water is pretty heavy.) Since the majority of Fairfield household water damage incidents can be prevented, it’s worthwhile to be well-versed in effective prevention measures. Take a look.

Look for Signs of Damage

Do you have that one area of the kitchen that always looks warped? Or maybe you have a precariously patched-up wall behind your toilet. Water damage will often show up physically in the form of warped walls and flooring, soggy baseboards, discoloration, or musty smells. Common sense, right? Right. The problem is that our eyes are incredible. After months or years of looking at the same thing, we stop seeing it. We recommend re-opening your eyes to examine for any overlooked water damage.

Make a Plan

Leaks aren’t usually where you expect. A cold pool of water sitting on the kitchen floor may alert you to a pipe or hose you didn’t know existed. No one likes learned about kinks and defects in a pipe the hard way. So, take the easy way. Set a reminder every few months to move ovens, fridges, dishwashers, and other household appliances. Here’s the catch: they need to physically be moved. Intuition can only get you so far in the leak prevention world.

Know your Drainage Systems

Depending on the person, sink drainage systems are either perfectly organized or a complete mess. If you fall into the this-looks-more-like-a-bowl-of-spaghetti-than-a-plumbing-system category, it’s time to learn. Short instructional videos on Youtube show where pipes lead, where common leaks occur, and how to reinforce damaged pipes. It’s worth the short time spent learning about the structure and function of household pipes rather than deal with a pesky leak of full-blown water damage incident.

Keep things Dry

Nearly everyone has that one relative that showers and leaves the bathroom looking like Hurricane Katrina came right into downtown Fairfield. Most of these well-meaning relatives are children. Sitting water seeps into floorboards and baseboards causing a host of problems: mold, damaged infrastructure, and a pungent smell. To eliminate this problem, place an old towel near the bathtub and use it regularly to wipe up splashes. Whether or not your kids are eager to help you keep things dry, it’s important to constantly be aware of sitting water in both bathrooms and kitchens.

Update Regularly

Older homes and appliances are more at-risk than newer ones. Weak pipes, corroded faucets, and loose fitting will surely give way to a water leak in the future. Caulking is a band-aid. Of course, many homeowners are looking for a reason to update their living spaces anyway. Just start calling it a water damage prevention measure and it’ll feel ten times more acceptable. You’ll thank yourself later.  

Contact Fairfield County Disaster Restoration

Of course, even the most prepared individuals may still experience an annoying case of water damage. Being knee deep in water is an adventure you probably don’t want to have any time soon. For more tips and tricks on how to prevent water damage in the home, contact Fairfield County Disaster Restoration. We’re homeowners too.

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