Crawlspace Water Damage

water damage cleanup fairfield county, water damage fairfield county, water damage repair fairfield countyAlthough you probably do all you can to avoid going in there, your crawl space is an important area of your home that likely stores many of your important possessions. It is important for everyone homeowner to understand potential sources of water damage in crawl spaces, how to dry out a flooded crawlspace, and how to repair the effects of water damage. Below are a few tips for these three different aspects of water damage in crawl spaces that we at Fairfield Disaster Restoration in Fairfield County recommend.

Sources Of Crawl Space Water Damage


This is one of the most common causes of water damage in crawl space. Fortunately, water damage due to humidity is typically less serious and requires a longer amount of time to develop. This is no reason to discount it though. If you live in a humid area, you should regularly check your crawlspace for buildups of humidity and wipe down any extra moisture you see.

Leaky/Broken Pipes

If you walk into the crawl space and find a puddle of water, chances are you have a leaking or burst pipe. This is one of the most dangerous causes of water damage as a broken pipe can lead to large amounts of water flooding the crawl space. Another important consideration with leaking and broken pipes is that different types of water may come from them. For instance, broken pipes that carry sewage will lead to far more dangerous and messy spills than others.

Pooling Near The Foundation Of Your Home

Since your crawlspace is the lowest room in your home, it is most vulnerable to water leaking down into it from above. One common way this happens is when water pools above your home and it leaks down into your basement. Oftentimes, a broken or clogged rain gutter is the cause of this. This happens when water floods near the foundation of the home because the rain gutters fail at directing the water away.

Drying Out A Crawl Space

Use A Sump Pump

A sump pump is a simple and affordable way to recover from the effects of a flood. A sump pump will pump the majority of the floodwater out of your crawl space with little trouble for you. Using tools to remove flood water can help minimize the risk of growing mold and mildew and more damage to your property.

Use A Dehumidifier

While a sump pump is effective for removing large amounts of water. A dehumidifier is effective at drying out areas affected by a flood. After a flood, you can use one of these to drying out your possessions as quickly as possible.

Restoring The Damage

Call The Pros!

Last of all, and most importantly, the best thing you can do to deal with the effects of a flood in your crawl space is get in touch with a professional cleaning and restoration company. We at Fairfield Disaster Restoration are one such company capable of handling all your water damage restoration needs. We will be able to effectively restore the damage done to your home and restore it back to its pre-flood state. So don’t hesitate to call for help if you find your crawl space or home flooded.

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