How To Safeguard Your Property From Fires

fire damage restoration fairfield county, fire damage fairfield county, smoke damage restoration fairfield countyExperiencing a fire in your Fairfield County home or business is devastating and overwhelming. You need a team on your side that can guide you through the restoration process, and that you can rely on for fast, compassionate service. Fairfield Disaster Restoration’s fire damage restoration team has extensive training in fire and smoke damage cleanup, and offer the highest quality restoration services available. As part of your team, we want to help inform home and business owners of all the ways they can help prevent and prepare for a fire. With information from the American Red Cross, the following steps can help safeguard your property from fires. 

  1. Install the right number of smoke alarms. Smoke alarms can cut the risk of fatalities from a fire in half. The National Fire Alarm Code requires smoke alarms in every level of the home, outside each sleeping area, and inside each bedroom. You should test your smoke alarms at least once a month, and be sure to keep batteries fresh and replaced. Teach everyone in the home or building what the alarms sound like and what to do when they hear one go off. Even small fires can cause extensive smoke damage that require restoration services by a fire damage cleanup crew. Fire alarms can help get small fires out before they cause bigger problems.

  2. Have a fire escape plan. Ensure that all household members, or building members, know the fire escape plan. An effective escape plan should have two ways to escape from every room, and a designated safe meeting place outside of the home or building. For a fire escape plan to work, it must be practiced. Have fire escape drills periodically (at least twice a year) so that everyone is aware of what to do, and will be able to respond appropriately to ensure everyone gets out safely.

  3. Establish an emergency communications plan, and ensure that all members of the household or building know who to contact if they cannot find one another. A neighbor or nearby dwelling could be used, and make sure that the emergency contact is aware of their role. Then, be sure that everyone knows to alert 911 emergency services as soon as possible following a fire. Fires are hectic, so having a designated place and person to report to will help provide a little more control amidst the confusion.

  4. Teach fire safety measures. Methods such as ‘stop, drop, and roll’ will help those whose clothing may catch on fire, and teaching everyone to get low when escaping a fire to avoid smoke inhalation may just save someone’s life. These methods are tried and true to help avoid the dangers of fire, so be sure that everyone is aware of them. If you have fire extinguishers on the premises, be sure that all household members or building members know where they are located and how to work them (pull, aim, and sweep).

  5. Keep matches and lighters up high away from children, and talk to children regularly about the dangers of fire, matches, and lighters. Keep items that can catch fire at least 3 feet away from anything that generates heat of gets hot. Turn portable heaters off whenever you leave the room. Never leave a candle burning unattended. Use extreme caution while cooking and in the kitchen. Avoid overloading outlets or extension cords, and make sure to replace frayed wiring. 

If you have experienced a fire in your home or business in Fairfield County, do not hesitate to give Fairfield Disaster Restoration a call, day or night. We will be there to restore your property from start to finish. 

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