Avoid Freezing Pipes

Here in Norwalk, there are a lot of things that come with fall like sweaters, pumpkins, changing leaves, and winterization of lawn sprinkler systems. While that last one doesn’t feel like it belongs, we at Fairfield Disaster Restoration know it is important not to overlook because failing to properly shut down your lawn sprinkler system in the winter can lead to some serious water damage

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What happens when your pipes freeze

Most people are familiar with the risk of water damage that comes from frozen pipes. When temperatures drop with standing water still in pipes, it will cause that water to freeze. Frozen water expands, and pipes are not built to support expansion. The pressure of the expanding water will cause pipes to burst and lead to major water leaks. Pipes that are more susceptible to freezing are those exposed directly to cold weather like swimming pool lines, lines running through unheated spaces like basements, attics, and garages, and, you guessed it – water sprinkler lines. As temperatures begin to rise, and the frozen water in the pipes begins to thaw, that water will leak out and flood surrounding areas. Since water sprinkler lines are not insulated, and you cannot leave them running throughout the winter to avoid water freezing, the only way to prevent it is to have them blown out and prepared for cold weather. 

Preparing for the winter

The concept of preparing your sprinkler system for winter must be done correctly to assure that there are no costly water leaks in the future. In order to accomplish this, all water must be expelled from the sprinkling system’s pipes. Draining the system is accomplished by the use of either manual or automatic drain valves. Automatic valves rely on gravity to push water out of the pipes, but should not be relied on alone to ensure adequate water removal. The best way to ensure that all water is removed before it can freeze is to have it blown out with pressurized air. This process can be a bit tricky because if not enough air pressure is used, not all the water will be expelled; but if too much air pressure is used, it will damage the pipes and can even cause them to burst. It is best to call in a sprinkling system company with trained professionals to ensure that your sprinkler system is prepared for winter correctly so that you can avoid leaks and flooding to your home.

The dangerous consequences of leaking pipes

Leaks from sprinkler system pipes can send water meant for your grass right into your foundation and basement. If the water from your sprinkler is not soaking into the ground, that water can collect against the foundation of your home, and potentially find its way inside. When water soaks into your home from outside, it can cause structural damage and unhealthy mold growth. Water damage is no fun, and requires professional cleanup to ensure that no further damage ensues. To prevent water damage in your home from your sprinkler system, be sure to have it prepared for winter in the late fall by trained professionals. 

If you find yourself dealing with water damage in your home, whether from a malfunctioning sprinkler system, burst pipes, or any other source, the water damage cleanup experts at Fairfield Disaster Restoration are the ones to call. Serving Norwalk and surrounding areas, our team will get the water cleaned up quickly and correctly.

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